I got a brand new hp computer it’s a new system but the problem is it’s running windows 10 is very slow i need a fast computer to do my videos for youtube.

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  1. I am not a tech person so my review is simple♾>Д This laptop is amazing. Big difference from previous laptop, "touch screen" is great except when your pointing at something and you touch the screen. It's thinner, easier to carry and I can place it I_

  2. I sub cuz this pcomical review, such a classic. & Your quirky energy,lol.etc
    Man you can either make/break labtops
    Intro: lolol..computal😂 trending.
    Bruh you made for comedy, genius
    I7 GeForce 😭

  3. Ok so this video was just spent bitching about the computer and not an actual video on fixing the problems… Seems legit.

    Thanks for wasting my time

  4. It’s because it’s an hp. My step dad growing up was a computer guy and he told me never buy an HP computer. I didn’t listen and bought one. It’s was literally the slowest laptop I’ve ever used.

  5. I have a Lenovo about 5 year's old and it's the weirdest laptop ever as when on FBook it will just crash to a whole lot of Updates from Microsoft have fucked my Laptop and they also know they have fucked everyone else's too,i have 6RAM + 300GIG HD + I-Core 5 ,ok you can bloat it to 16 RAM and change things as it boasts 4 – bays but i would now rather get shot of this horroble Laptop as putting an Operating System on top of another ''they dont know what the fuck them-selfs are all doing by putting Windows 10 Pro '' which cos it's Pro it#s just more problems as there are no good sites or videos to work on this mo-fo as it's getting demoteted to the bloody bin and set alight on the barbie for a LAUGH

  6. 5400RPM hard drives are garbage. They are not designed to run Windows 10 properly. If you can afford, go for an SSD or a faster 7200RPM Hard Drive.
    My Acer laptop is from 2007. It used to have Windows Vista but I upgraded to Windows 7 then 10.
    The 5400RPM hard drive really pissed me off with Windows 10 so I opted for an SSD instead.
    Makes a difference.

  7. Bruh I just bought a brand new HP less than a month ago that had all these good specs but it's constantly freezing on the web, running super slow, and even black screening for a few seconds. Definitely thinking of taking it back and swapping for something else, very dissappointed.

  8. Did you ever figure out if there was a setting or something to make it run faster?! I just bought a brand new HP not even 2 months ago & I’m having the same exact problems. I could not even play your video on my laptop or any other video for that matter. I have to use my phone. Zero help from tech support @ HP

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