When to expect the next Macs: M1X iMac, redesigned 14" MacBook Pro and more!

For over a year we’ve been expecting a new generation of MacBook Pro with a new design and Apple Silicon chips. Now that M1 Macs are here many are wondering what’s next, and when will we find out? Let’s unpack the rumors and talk about the upcoming 14 inch MacBook Pro redesign, Apple Silicon 16 inch MacBook Pro, a 24 inch iMac, and the performance of the M1X chips!

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  1. My M1 MacBook Air beats my Windows Desktop with a 3600X and 5700XT when it comes to rendering videos. I can only begin to imagine what a 12 core would offer…

  2. I have a weird guess… but I think that Apple would revive their "Macbook" in the 14" segment rather than having a 14" Macbook Pro… I think the lineup would become 13" Macbook Air 14" Macbook and 13" and 16" Macbook Pro…

  3. I will still go with 12”,14”,16” hahaha, MBA 12” Come Back Pls
    14”,16” 4Port MBP 8+4C cannot wait for that, I think their 16” will have dedicated GPU vs 14” and the dedicated GPU will be their own 😂

  4. 21'' iMac hasn't been updated for a longer time. I think that a new model with 24'' screen will be next. The bigger iMac probably with 30'' display will come in 2022. Let's see, what happens…

  5. My bet is that the M1X will come with a binned version: 6P-4E CPU cores and 10-core GPU, let's call it M1P. That way we'll get a 23-24 watts max power SoC with around 10k points in Cinebench. Roughly the same performance as a middle-ground current MacBook Pro 16. And with that we get:

    – MacBook Air and 2-TB Macbook Pro: like you said, nothing changes.
    – 14-inch MacBook Pro: M1P, $1500/$1700 before WWDC but with IPS-displays. By the end of the year we'll get miniLED for $1700, 2000, whatever.
    – 16-inch MacBook Pro: same designe as of now, M1X, crazy performance, before WWDC with IPS-displays, same price. By the end of the year, miniLED for a premium.
    – Mac mini: a revision with M1P to replace the current Intel versions.
    – 21-inch iMac: new design, possibly 24-inch display, M1P and M1X depending on configuration. Same prices as before. Maybe before WWDC but not sure.
    – 27-inch iMac: new design, 30-inch, M1X but with no strings attached, more wattage (=higher frequency), massive cooling (compared to the MacBook Pro) and possibly even more GPU-cores. It'll be a beast. We don't see until end of the year.

    Ok, I could be a bit delusional about the timeframes but I really want to change my 2014 13-inch MacBook Pro and can't wait to see a 14-inch with M1"something" and while miniLED looks great I'm already happy with the display in my current machine, so I don't really care about miniLED LOL.

  6. trying to decide between buying the M1 MBA with 512gb and 16gb ram or waiting out for next year’s 14-inch MBP. If the price for next year’s MBP is much higher though, I’ll probably go for the current MBA

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