UNBOXING MY NEW MACBOOK PRO SETUP | Organization + Customization Tips, Accessories

✩ macbook pro 2020 unboxing, set up, customization tips and tricks, organization, + accessories

finally got myself a new computer – yayyyy!!! my old MacBook air 2015 broke & i desperately needed a new laptop. unboxed my new MacBook pro 2020 13″ with you all and got it all setup! sharing with you how i organize my MacBook, customization tips and tricks (with some fun tips i learned from some other cutie youtubers – linked their channels below!), and accessories i bought for my new MacBook.
hope you enjoyed, xoxo

#alexapaige #macbookpro2020 #macbookprounboxing #macbookprocustomization

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  1. I have always wanted one and I try saving up but I never had enough and I can’t get it for Christmas but I still try to save up so I can use it for my YouTube channel I am starting

  2. These cases are amazing. I am seeing a lot of the comments about how the case is not the best. I have been using this case since this version of the MacBook Pro came out last year. Mine is perfectly fine for some reason. Just make sure to take the case off once in a while and clean it, just in case. Also they give you instructions which is even better and more helpful. But other than that, there shouldn't be any scratches. If there are scratches then you must have dropped it at least once in a while. Just make sure to take care of it as much as you can, and these cases are really good, ofc if you take care of it in the best way possible. Just wanted to say this because these cases are the best. So other than that, wasn't this a great and informative vid? Loved this! 🥰.

  3. I still have my laptop from 2012 and mine still works. The only thing with mine and I can’t really update it won’t let me update to the newest software. I’ll probably get a new one but can’t afford 2000 right now lol

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