The Best Overall Laptop

It’s the Apple MacBook Air vs. Dell XPS 13 vs. the Acer Swift 7 vs. the Razer Blade Stealth. We pitted them against each other. Only one can be the winner.

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  1. Hey everyone! Loving all the feedback so far! Please tell us what you liked (and what you didn't) about this episode. We want to make the best show for you. What products would you like us to review next? Thanks!

  2. I'm a 4k-6700HQ-XPS 15 user for 4 years, good stuff, just too heavy to carry with you if you travel a lot. Without the charger, it's 2kg, while the XPS 13 is only 1.3kg. So picture this: XPS 15 = XPS 13 + iPad Pro 11inch…….. I'd rather carry the cheapest 13 with me for work than the top XPS 15. Only my opinion….

  3. Why would you compare the laptops with the price of $800 and $1800 together???????
    They should at least have 1 same attribute with each other.
    It can either be price or performance………. Otherwise, what is the purpose of doing this?
    TBH This video makes me feel more confusing.

  4. 12:30 oh yeah no just a regular laptop not like itโ€™s packing a gtx1660ti 4K display and a i7 1065G7, nope just a regular laptop that โ€œhas the same stuffโ€ as the other ones

  5. you guys know nothing about technology different people need different machines and the razer is a sort of gaming laptop as it does have a low power GPU but still better than integrated graphics and don't give tech advice to a community where they know more about tech than you if you have someone working in an office that specializes in tech review and calls RGB backlighting disco light you're better catering to grandmas than young professionals. Don't give tech advice if you don't know how people use their laptops a lot of people need their laptop for cad modeling o running simulations on-site or even needing LTE connection on their laptop instead of using the hotspot on their phone. Stop giving the tech community tech advice when you're not professionals and stick to telling boomers how to use tech.

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