The Apple Silicon MacBook Lineup!

Apple is getting ready to transition the entire MacBook lineup from the MacBook Air to the top end MacBook Pro with their own custom Apple Silicon processors, but what will this Apple Silicion MacBook lineup look like, what features and benefits will they have, when can we expect a redesign, and when can you expect to get your hands on them.

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  1. Can't listen, and take serious at the same time, to the Apple "Sil-uh-kin" Botch Festival taking place here. That pronunciation has and never will exist in the English language. There are times when thou shalt not dare to be different–case in point–here, rightnow, this guy, this video. Stop. Clownfish.

  2. My take: The new 14inch MacBook Pro which allegedly features a complete overhaul is probably going to be the best MacBook Pro for those who want performance, design & price to meet + waiting half a year will significantly mitigate chances of a new Apple gate problem. Go Q2 2021
    Thanks for the video Greg.

  3. What people are blindly ignoring are these ARM macbooks will suck. ARM architecture is good for IOT and smaller devices like mobiles. Intel has far better optimization and thermals. Which essentially means like Apple tested the waters with the butter fly keyboards, this is another test run and don't expect serious advantage.

    In fact, people doing high performance work generally hate Ryzen, they go for Intel. All the way, Intel is the best. Apple is now trying to do a wide scale experimentation on their Mac line up which I feel they gonna regret.

    I ordered the MBP 16" for $2100, base spec just to be sure I can sell it later on to buy the newer one if they eventually turn out to be good.

  4. I am planning an upgrade for my 2 year old 13in MacBook Pro. I’ve been wanting to switch to the 16in, or at least wait for a 14. Late 2021 would be the correct timing, so I think I’ll wait to see exactly when the redesign is coming.

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