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Surface Laptop 3 vs Dell XPS 13 7390 2-in-1 Full Comparison

The 13.5″ Surface Laptop 3 is a great premium Windows laptop, just like Dell’s XPS 13 2-in-1, but which one is the better buy?

Both of these premium Windows laptops feature excellent build quality, with all-metal designs, apart from a carbon fiber composite palm rest on the XPS.

Both of these feature biometric authentication, but the Surface actually has infrared facial scanning, so you’re logged into Windows instantly!

The XPS features a hinge that can fold all the way back for tablet mode use, which is nice for viewing shows and movies.

The Surface has a large trackpad which works very well, while the XPS has an excellent keyboard that goes from one edge to the other.

The Surface also has speakers that are hidden beneath the keyboard, and they actually sound amazing!

Both of these feature Intel’s latest 10th-gen 10nm Ice Lake processors, and they perform incredibly well.

However, both of them have their own flaws, so let’s talk about them!

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  1. Good luck with the XPS. I went through two of them before I found out they're assembled by some monkeys and the QC is horrendous on them. I went with the Surface Laptop 3 and I couldn't be happier.

  2. agree. the speakers on the surface is so great. not a fan of the keyboard feedback much nor the reflection off the screen. Got a pretty great deal with better specs on sale earlier with 256gb storage. Not such a fan of the battery life. Feels like it drains fairly quickly

  3. Good comparison. My only gripe was how you mentioned all the features of thunderbolt 3 like high end storage and multiple 4k monitors, as if the usb-c port on the surface laptop can't do them. The only thing thunderbolt does that usb 3.1 can't do is an external GPU, and you REALLY shouldn't be using those anyways because they're a gigantic waste of money for the performance you'll get.

  4. I have the xps 15. Just a warning, the xps series don't last long. After two years you might as well get a new pc. Battery is shot, fans are shot, it becomes so loud someday that it's embarrassing to use it in a class room. (I clean it regularly so thats not why).
    Paying so much money for it is not WORTH IT. Get a different laptop.

  5. Nice Comparison. I use the Dell XPS 13 2in1 and i love it. When using
    the speakers make sure the MaxxAudioSoftware is enabled and that bass
    and details are turned all the way up. The sound quality improves

  6. I just tried out the Surface 3 Laptop at Best Buy and while the Alcantara fiber was on fleek, the keyboard overall was atrocious. Thin chiclet-style keys a la Apple and the entire keyboard flexed whenever I hit a key in the middle.

  7. Take this guy's reviews with caution. I took his advice on some of the products he promoted, and the results were disastrous.
    I'm not saying don't believe a word he says or don't watch his reviews, but I swear I don't want anyone to make the same mistakes I did. Just compare what he says to other reliable reviewers and then make up your mind.

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