Should you upgrade to Apple’s M1 chip MacBook Air/Pro?

Apple’s new Apple Silicon MacBooks are FINALLY here! In this video, I go over the Pros and Cons of upgrading to the M1 chip MacBook Air/Pro from an Intel-based MacBook!

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Apple’s new Apple Silicon MacBooks are now available to order, so in this video, I show you guys all of the differences between Intel MacBooks and M1 chip MacBooks to help you decide if it’s worth upgrading or not.

I go through things like the fanless design of the MacBook Air, the new features and specs compared to Intel models, I go through third-party app support and Rosetta 2 emulation, and much more!

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Timestamps ⬇️
New Apple Silicon Macs – 00:00
Issues with current Intel MacBook Air – 0:50
How M1 MacBook Air fixes those issues – 1:20
Who should upgrade to M1 MacBook Air? – 2:18
Benefits of MacBook Pro over the Air – 4:20
Downsides of the M1 chip for MacBook Pro – 5:21
How will Gaming work on the M1 Macbook Pro? – 6:42
Who should upgrade to M1 MacBook Pro? – 8:20
Final Answers on upgrading to Apple Silicon – 9:51

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  1. Okay so, I have MacBook Pro 2020 i5, I am thinking of selling it and buying the m1 gen mbp, with extra 100-200€
    But imw I don't want to, I just bought it and idk..
    But in i5 gen mbp I am getting more than 100+% CPU on Xcode, unzipping etcetc.

  2. As a university student I use Microsoft ( word/PowerPoint/excel/outlook..) and I’ve been saving for a long time to get a MacBook Pro, should I get the one with M1 or just stick to Intel? What is the better option for me?

  3. so I'm coming from the 2015 MacBook Pro with maxed out specs… I'll be honest, I'm not expecting many differences but I'm excited for the new experience:)

  4. Shortly, You absolutely should upgrade, unless:
    – You need external monitors
    – You need ports
    – You need RAM
    – You need any kind of virtualization (Docker, VMware, Virtualbox)
    – You need Windows
    – You need some obscure utilities like cgroups 2
    – You need eGPU

  5. Hey I really enjoyed watching your vid !
    I’m purchasing a MacBook for the first time and I have already ordered the baseline Pro (mainly for the TouchBar, seems fancy to me) but Air & Pro seems similar performance wise.
    Am confused . Please suggest what should I get ? Should I go for Air w/16ram or Pro baseline, I mainly would be using Logic Pro X.

  6. I'm predicting the MB 16in will come with a 16 core chip with a 16 core gpu and a maximum of 32gb of ram and a base of 16gb with battery life equal to or greater than the current M1 released mac's

  7. At geekbench the results has been listed M1 chip is top performing in single score. And surpass Macbook Pro 16 inch in multi score performance. And pass 21000 score in graphic

  8. Fight me or hate me but those who complain how slow a Macbook Air or entry level Macbook Pro has no idea what a slow computer is. When I started college I have my dad bough me an Acer Aspire One netbook for an introductory programming class. At that time my dad and I had no idea how demanding the tasks will be for my new computer to handle. I entered a class and most of my classmate were using Macbooks. I soon dropped out of the program (not because of my computer for sure) and most of my classes were humanity classes so I used my computer mostly for essays and power point presentation. Still it has trouble keeping it up. It was running Windows 7 (not the starter version, full Windows 7) and the OS was obviously not made for that kind of hardware (AMD HD graphics, 4 GB of RAM). When I started unisity I still have that computer but I install Ubuntu on it and get like six hours of battery life as oppose to five hours. Perforamce wise it was usable but still very slow even when browsing a long PDF article for an art history class or using Adobe Digital Edition. I finally got a Chromebook for my second semester. The speed was okay and I got 8 hours of battery. But the build quality was not adequate with all the plastic. The summer that follow I got a summer job so I ended up upgrading to a Chromebook Pixel. Worst decision ever made I could have gotten a Macbook but since all my classmates have Macbook I want to have something a little different. But I was clearly stupid. I have it for like two years til it broke and Google never offered the level of support Apple does so it was doomed. Perforamce wise it wasn't even great since the SSD was made for smartphone and was very slow and the heatsink doesn't do a good job when dealing with heavy task. I got my Macbook Air late last year and I could not be much happier. Yes the fan is on when browsing a big webpage or doing encoding but I haven't seen any slowdown and I think the cooling system is doing its work. And I believe that an Apple Silicon will definitively solve the problem.

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