New MacBook Air & MacBook Pro are Here! GoodBye Intel

Apple announced a brand new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13 and Mac Mini with Apple’s newest M1 Processor. Apple Silicon Mac is supposed to be faster then their previous MacBook Pro 2020 and add new features that were not possible before! Here are my thoughts and first impressions!

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  1. A lot of questions need to be answered since there were a lot of ambiguous claims but I'm super interested to see how this plays out! Make sure to subscribe, hit the bell and drop your questions below if you want them answered in my full review!

  2. I ended up buying a MacBook Air with M1. Mainly, because the MacBook that I bought has the last generation of the butterfly keyboards and I have been having issues (even though I have sent it back to apple twice to get repaired). For example, my sift key lately has been having an issue where it would come unpressed. Meaning, it sometimes can remain stuck in shift mode. However, I only purchased the base model of the MacBook Air with the 7 core GPU. Can someone please explain to me what a GPU is used for, and should I be concerned that I do not have all 8 cores enabled?

  3. I've got one for you for the big review. I'm a graphic designer and I was going to buy a MacBook Pro with 32GB of RAM. The big question now is: can I live with 16GB of "Unified Memory" without swap memory kicking in, or should I wait for the next round of Apple M1"X" Macs? (I already know it is LPDDR4 RAM). Thank you. Cheers from Portugal.

  4. Yeah, so.. When we buy the new macbook, we do get the whole laptop component, a battery, a warranty card, and a charger too, right?? Or how does it work now with apple products nowadays?

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