New at IFA: Sony’s Xperia® Z3 Phones, Tablet and SmartWear

SGNL is giving you the first look at new bigger, better and bolder than ever Sony Mobile devices.
Introducing the Sony Xpreia® Z3 Series: Xperia® Z3, Xperia® Z3 Compact and the Xperia® Z3 Tablet Compact, the world’s slimmest and lightest compact tablet.

Also just announced, the SmartBand Talk and SmartWatch 3.

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  1. I am a proud iPhone user, I do. But what I am not is an Apple fanatic. PLUS, I am kind of a Sony fanatic.
    I can see clearly that even though I love the iPhone this is an amazing snartphone, and if I wasn't so used to iOS and I was an Android guy, I would choose it without a doubt.
    Let's say this: I prefere iOS, but this one is probabaly the best smartphone right now when it comes to tech specs. SONY are the best, no doubt.

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