New Android 9 $50 Tablet Overview!

Update: This is likely the onn. 7″ Tablet that’s for $28 black Friday at Walmart with specs
• 7″ display
• 1GB RAM 16GB storage, expandable to 128GB
• Bonus: $10 off Walmart eBooksOn Walmart’s Website this is called the ONN. Android Tablet, 7″, 16GB Storage, Bonus $10 off Walmart eBooks Included. The bonus $10 Off is included, I just didn’t turn around that paper that I showed in the unboxing. There may be affiliate links above and in the comments that I post that can be used to purchase the item that could also help the channel receive a commission.

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  1. for 28 dollars i cant complain, i use it for retro gaming on the go and it does well, and if it gets stolen or breaks i aint lost anything cause i already got my moneys worth out of it, plus side is 128 gig cards for it are 13 dollars right now also

  2. Got this last year and it didn’t even last one year, somehow the screen broke from the inside. I don’t even know how that happened. I’m not even sure if it’s worth it to try to get it fixed,or if anyone would have the right parts to fix it.

  3. Listen up here I bought one of them I threw them on my bed because I was angry one night and it broke are you freaking kidding me so now I got and hoping that it isn't going to break

  4. Got one back in May for the kitchen so I can watch my stories and listen to music. Works great so far, but heats up a bit though. The sound is muffled so I just hooked up a BT speaker to it!

  5. Anyone know where one could purchase replacement button covers for Onn 7 in tablet. The plastic buttons on the side.for the On/Off and Volume are one piece of plastic and and end broke. Only thing wrong with it is I need to replace the button piece.

  6. I bought this for my grandchildren to play pokemon go And watch You Tube,.
    When I go to play store Pokemon GO is not available and You Tube wont download, it redirects to You Tube Kids.

    Anyone know how to rectify this.

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