MacBook Air & MacBook Pro M1 Watch THIS Before You BUY!

Apple just announced their brand new Apple laptops with apple silicon with the brand new M1 chip which promises up to 3x faster cpu performance, 5x faster gpu performance, and up to 20 hours of battery life, all with a silent architecture with even the MacBook Air not needing a cooling fan. However, what else should you know about these brand new 1st generation Apple Silicon Macs, which one should you choose, and is there any reason why you shouldn’t buy one?

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  1. ok so just here me out i want a macbook but don’t have money for it so i’m saving up but i have like a hundred dollars and i didn’t even get my christmas money yet i know shocking lol but i’m not sure what color to get that would go with anything so tell what to pick

  2. Greg! Thank you so much for this vital review man! I've just subscribe. Please let us know if Lumafusion, Lightroom, Photoshop will be ok using before I purchase the MBP 13" M1….? I have an iPad Pro 2020 btw. Thanks Greg!

  3. I ended up buying a MacBook Air with M1. Mainly, because the MacBook that I bought has the last generation of the butterfly keyboards and I have been having issues (even though I have sent it back to apple twice to get repaired). For example, my sift key lately has been having an issue where it would come unpressed. Meaning, it sometimes can remain stuck in shift mode. However, I only purchased the base model of the MacBook Air with the 7 core GPU. Can someone please explain to be what a GPU is, and should I be concerned that I do not have all 8 cores enabled?

  4. Hey @Gregsgadgets I’m wondering why this device doesn’t go up to 32gb ram ? Is there simply no necessity to, with such specs ? Please do a video on the 16inch M1 when you know anything at all!

  5. I am very concerned about the RAM. I have a 2020 13 pro with 32 gb RAM the reason is aI'm a pro designer and I need those the M1 comes with the RAM together with the chip and you can't get more than 16gb….how this will affect the performance? what's the difference between the M1 with 16gb and my top of the line 13 pro 2020 ? are those 16gb into the M1 more powerful than the 32 I have? there must be an explanation to this

  6. How much did Apple pay you to make this garbage of a video? lol …Before you rush to buy M1 Mac, wait…just hold off for few years. Performance is not everything. ARM doesn't hold marketshare, Intel and Microsoft does. Wait for what the industry does with the Mac ARM transition. Looking from a developer prospective, you can't code on a ARM platform and expect it to work on a x64 platform. All cloud computing runs on Intel x64, not ARM. This M1 mac it good for people who likes to click pretty pictures and watch netflx… not anything else…. in few years, we can see how the industry is adjusting itself to ARM macs…wait for it, and then decide, don't waste money and rush into buying a Mac because "muh Apple"… How long did it take for the complete transition from 32 bit to 64 bit computing? it took 6-7 yrs. Mostly because Microsoft and Intel were leading the charge. This time tho, Microsoft is not on board for full ARM transition. Win 10 has a watered down ARM version, but that's it. …my advice is, wait, hold off, performance is not everything. Also Apple says M1 mac is faster than PC laptops, which is false. <— this statement was proven….

  7. It'll be interesting to see reviews on how the new Macs perform with just 8Gb of RAM, with people suggesting the new M1 chip architecture and the new OS Big Sur being able to get stunning performance without much RAM. I was surprised to see these new Macs with only 8Gb to be honest, we'll see!

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