M1 MacBook Air vs Intel MacBook Air: ULTIMATE Comparison

We compare the Intel MacBook Air to Apple’s new M1 MacBook Air to see if it’s worth upgrading by testing everything from Benchmarks & Thermals to x86 Gaming, Logic Pro & Battery Life!
In this video, we compare the $999 Intel MacBook Air from 2020 to the NEW $999 M1-powered MacBook Air.

They both have 8GB of Memory and 256GB of SSD storage, but the differences you’ll see in this video are SHOCKING!

We charged both of these MacBooks up to 100% battery, then we maxed out the display brightness and continued to run a TON of performance benchmarks.

We started off by taking an initial thermal reading using our thermal camera attachment for the iPhone, before comparing Geekbench 5’s CPU & Graphics Metal tests.

We then ran the Cinebench R23 stress test and kept a close eye on the CPU temperature, the wattage being used and the fan speed on the Intel MacBook Air.

We also show how well the M1 MacBook Air performs while NOT having a fan at all.

We then tested x86 Rosetta Chrome browsing performance using YouTube and Speedometer 2.0, before showing the Safari browsing performance which is optimized for Apple Silicon.

We also compared the difference between thermals for Zoom Web Conferencing on both MacBook Airs, before running the Logic Pro Music Production benchmark.

Wondering how iPhone and iPad games run on the new Apple Silicon MacBooks? We tested that out as well, including controller support!

Finally, we finished off with League of Legends x86 Rosetta 2 emulated gameplay on the M1 MacBook Air compared to the Intel model, and the difference is nuts!

The battery life differences will blow your mind at the end!

Our next video will be the 2020 Intel MacBook Pro vs M1 MacBook Pro comparison video, so SUBSCRIBE right now so you don’t miss out!

Timestamps ⬇️
Intel vs M1 MacBook Air – 00:00
Initial Thermals at Idle – 1:22
Physical Differences – 1:57
Geekbench 5 CPU Test – 3:56
Geekbench 5 Graphics Test – 5:22
Webcam and Mic Comparison – 5:47
Cinebench R23 CPU Stress Test – 6:29
Thermal Throttle Testing – 8:15
Zoom Web Conferencing Test – 9:36
Web Browsing Performance – 12:56
Blackmagic Disk Speed Test – 14:00
GFX Gaming Benchmark – 15:17
iPhone and iPad App Gaming Test – 16:06
League of Legends Gaming Test – 19:44
Logic Pro Music Production – 22:07
Battery Life Comparison – 25:28
Should you buy the M1 MacBook? – 26:31

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  1. Were you surprised by the difference in x86 Rosetta Gaming and Logic Pro test? What about thermals? Comment below!
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  2. this is very good video. thank you. my friend just bought intel version of it about 1 month ago. this is a bit ennoying. we feel bad cause buying lower spec mac with close money. :((

  3. Hello, I am a graphic design student (and I use a macbook air from 2017 with high sierra) for which the most "heavy" softwares have been photoshop and illustrator although today they work without any problem but recently it has made me curious to enter the world of the three-dimensional. What is better for a beginner, to use cinema 4D, blender or adobe after effects?

  4. Is the price difference worth paying? The M1 is $999 plus tax and the Intel one is $799 (at Best Buy) It’s for just normal use not anything that needs specific stats.

  5. I'm gonna have to disagree with the video, though Apple claims that M1 is faster than the competitor mobile CPUs, yes it is faster in some areas however, the single core test wasn't quite "fair" as x86 (both Intel and AMD) uses only one thread per each core, in contrast with M1 fully utilizing a thread per core. Both Intel and AMD are SMT based while M1 is ARM. To use the full potential of the x86 mobile/pc processors (Tiger Lake and Ryzen U/H) they must do an SMT-Enabled tests to deliver the true performance. I'm gonna note that M1 is on 5nm and Ryzen is on 7nm and Intel Tiger Lake is on 10nm.

    Though i will say this, Intel still selling laptops with i3 is pure BS. i5 or i7 should be the entry point and i9 the premium ones.

  6. This brand new out of the box ThinkPad Laptop I got off eBay for $200 is better than your over-hyped M1 air. LOL

    1. It has significantly Longer battery life.
    2. It has a way more robust and significantly better keyboard. They keyboard is very similar too that of low-profile desktop mechanical keyboard e.g. Keychron K1, tenkeyless SK630, etc.
    3. It boots to the OS almost instantaneously.
    4. It can run windows.
    5. Can attach an external GPU (eGPU).
    6. All apps run natively. No emulation required.
    7. Its NOT limited to 16GB.
    8. Don't have to buy a completely new computer to get Wifi-6e (internally).
    9. Don't have to buy a completely new computer to get bluetooth 5.2 (internally).
    10. It only weighs 0.27lbs more but has zero case flex.

  7. First Shintel got dethroned by amd and now apple??? On the not soo long ago past Those ceos at intel were laughing their way to the bank charging extortionate prices as they had no real competition . This is how companies get bust, like Nokia did by iPhone. It’s like watching dinosaurs go extinct. Historical times

  8. I just bought an intel Mac around November 15th brand new from Best Buy. It's been opened and used since then.. do you think they would allow me to return a MacBook that has been used and opened for a few days.. ?? Would I get a full refund or no since it has been opened? Thanks : )

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