Is There a New Best Laptops

The Lenovo Yoga S940 is a new addition to Lenovo’s laptop lineup. Aesthetically it’s very appealing and it seems impossibly small considering it’s 14-inch display. Is the Lenovo Yoga S940 good enough to replace my Thinkpad Carbon X1?

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  1. hi do you do give aways I’m not in anyway shape or form begging I’m just in desperate need of one for school and I would love to play games aswell on a big screen it would mean the world 🥺

  2. Personally I definitelt prefer the c940. I want something that can do something an ipad can't, this laptop is about ipad level performance on Windows OS. Its definitely nice if all you do is write documents or consume media, but just not enough for most people.

  3. I’m commenting 1 year later.
    This is 17299 TL in my country which makes 2543 usd (i7,16gb ram, 1tb version) 100 usd cheaper than 16inch macbook pro (16 gb ram, 512 gb ssd, 4gb gpu)

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