Installing Windows on a DOS Laptop (Made on HP ak007tx)

In this quick video, I show how to upgrade your DOS Laptop to Windows (10 in this case). This is a basic tutorial and most of you might already know it, but for those of you who don’t, this is it.

Got any Suggestions, comments or queries, leave them right below in the comment section and also if you want any other video leave that in comments and I will try to bring it for you

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  1. HP my english is Bad, but give me back my money, i buy this Notebook 2016… And in 2018 i can Play games (rainbow six siege) only on lowest graphic and that Come's only lagg's. The Gtx 950M is so Bad graphic Card, i never buy in Future Notebooks or pc's on HP … 1.100 Euro for this bullshit…

  2. Already installed and running windows 10 on this Ak007tx, Also earlier it was made dual boot ( alongwith Ubantu in DOS mode not UEFI but Ubantu is now removed) , Due to space issues looking to install dual disk (1) 250Gb M.2 alongwith (2) 1TB HDD ( by removing existing single 250gb SSD ). My queries are

    (1) Need to make it dual boot in UEFI mode i.e. Windows 10 & Ubantu

    (2) How to update my bios from DOS to UEFI mode.

    (3) Do I need to re-create Windows 10 installation Pen drive so that it is installed in UEFI mode.

    (4) Any idea , whether there will be any problem in installing Ubantu ( as second OS) in M.2 disk?

    Thankful, if you reply at the earliest.

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