Huawei MatePad Pro hands-on

Announced late last year, Huawei’s MatePad Pro is ready for its global debut, and now packs its 5G-supporting Kirin 990 processor. But can the company lure consumers with slick hardware, despite not having access to Google’s apps and services.

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  1. I just bought it. For the online courses & to work on it & it was a BIG mistake.

    ALOT OF APPLICATIONS are not available…
    Teams app from Microsoft is one of them..
    Another huge issue is that the apps you want to download have an icon that says "add to list" which means its not available now but will be in the future????????

    Why tf do they even put it there if its not available yet

    & why tf would i care about the future I bought it to work on it for now lmao !!!

    Waste of money 🙁💔……

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  3. one of the best tablets around for sure. I like the feature wich u can use multi screen colaboration with ur phone as its much easier to manage picture videos and other media. The battery is great and i like that u can use the keyboard on it.

  4. So what if It's copied after an IPad? It's cheaper, more affordable for people so it does not matter .
    Also apple makes too much money to care about this soo ..

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