HOW TO USE YOUR NEW MACBOOK: Tips Using MacOS for Beginners

Are you new to Mac and have no clue how to use your new laptop? I gotchu! Here is my basic guide how to use Mac OS for beginners and some tips & tricks to make your experience easier. I’ve had MacBooks for nearly 5 years now and I will never go back to Windows! Enjoy the video!

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  1. Thank you for this video! I knew for years that when my Dell laptop died the next computer for me was going to be a MacBookPro. Two days ago I brought home my first Apple computer. I was lost . Couldn’t see where to turn off/on or how to close an app or page. I am now on my way to enjoying my MacBook!

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  3. Hey I have a question when you got your Mac book did you Connect it to your iPhone. Because I did that but don’t like it it when it saves all your photos to your Max book. I am going to be doing YouTube and I want to
    Start fresh. So I was just telling you is it better to Start Fresh or transferFor it to your iPhone to your Mac book. I just got a Mac book so sorry 😐😃

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