How to Install Windows 10 on PC or Laptop ( Complete Guide )

Step by Step guide: How to install Windows 10 on your PC or Laptop.

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Important Read before installing.

Windows will find and install most of basic drivers automatically BUT it’s recommended to install your drivers manually downloaded from your PC/Laptop manufacture Website.

Some of new Skylake and Kabylake laptops request manually installing all drivers.

If you have laptop with AMD CPU then install all drivers manually downloaded from manufacture website.

If you have ATI Radeon graphics Laptop or Desktop then install the graphic card drivers manually.

Boot menu buttons:
For most desktop computers: F12, F11, F8

DELL – F12
ASUS – ESC ( Escape button )
HP – F9
Acer – Esc or F12 or F9
Toshiba – F12
Lenovo – Fn+F12

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