How to install SSD in Almost any Laptop – Windows Installation & Speed Test

Learn How to install an SSD in a laptop, many user thinks that SSD slot is mandatory. In this video, I will show you the installation of an SSD without an SSD slot in almost any laptop. I have a Lenovo 4th gen laptop for this purpose and a 120GB Kingston solid-state drive from cafago team.

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  1. I am having problem installing Windows 10 in Crucial BX500 240GB SSD , Is it necessary to boot in UEFI ? Because my BIOS is not showing option to switch between UEFI and LEGACY? In System information it is showing that my laptop is having LEGACY BOOT.
    Installation starts but after installing when it restarts, it does not boot. And the error comes "Boot device Missing" .In boot option selected SSD as boot device but still not booting.
    While running hard disk test it is showing (301) error.
    What to do. Please tell.

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