How to Connect a Windows 10 Laptop / PC to Wi-Fi Internet for Beginners

Hi, this video shows you how connect a Windows 10 laptop or a PC to the internet via WiFi and it is aimed at beginners. If you haven’t got the WiFi symbol on your taskbar then search for ‘WiFi’ in the text box next to the Windows button and click on ‘Show available networks’. You can also click on the bottom right of the screen (Notifications) and click on ‘Networks’. Or you can click on the up arrow near the speaker icon in the taskbar in a similar place to where you see the WiFi icon in the video.

I show how to use WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) which makes the setup really easy. I also show you which router to connect to with the SSID and also how to find your wireless PIN/Key.
Many thanks Vince

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