Galaxy Tab S7 vs 2020 iPad Pro – The BEST Tablet?!

Apple’s iPad Pro has been the KING of tablets for years now, but can Samsung’s brand new Galaxy Tab S7 take the crown with its updated modern design? Let’s compare EVERYTHING to find out!
This is the best bang for the buck tablet

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 is FINALLY here and it’s time to compare it to Apple’s flagship 2020 iPad Pro to see which one is the best tablet you can get!

There are a TON of differences between these tablets, so in this video, we compare EVERYTHING from the design, the displays, the speakers, the cameras, the microphones, the performance and much more!

Let’s see how that A12Z chip compared to the new Snapdragon 865+ in the Galaxy Tab S7.

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Timestamps ⬇️
Introduction – 00:00
Unboxing the Tab S7 – 0:33
Design Differences – 1:39
Face ID vs Fingerprint Sensor – 3:38
Display Differences – 5:06
Display Quality Compared – 6:23
120Hz Slow-Mo Comparison – 7:48
Speaker Comparison – 8:58
Camera Comparison – 9:40
Processor Performance – 11:00
Graphics Performance – 11:38
Keyboard Case Support – 12:12
Tab S7 DeX Mode – 14:52
Webcam & Mic Comparison – 15:12
Full Prices Compared – 16:14
Which Tablet Should YOU Buy? – 18:09

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  1. Were you surprised by the slow-motion 120hz and Stylus latency comparison? How about the performance difference? Comment below!
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  2. I wish these people did a web browsing comparison because some devices run fine until you browse the web. For example my tab s6 lite performs worst than my ipad air 3 when loading and using web pages.

  3. Apple makes their products in China thus they can afford to give their tablets top features while Samsung is Korea. That is why Samsung seems more expensive and offers a little less. However I would still pick A7 just for their PC abilities. That should be a no brainier for someone looking for a PC and tablet in one.

  4. That's a good point at the end of the video.

    If you buy an iPad, it's MUCH easier to resell when upgrading to something else in a year or two. You'll still be able to sell the Samsung but you won't get nearly as much back.

  5. This mans in HATING on Samsung for "what though!? He really said "And I just really wanna give props to Samsung for cOpYiNg Apple with the more modern look." Like just be quiet for now please.

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