2 in 1 Laptop

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Review

The new Dell XPS 13 2 in 1 has a 16:10 display, minimal bezels, camera on top & the new Intel 10th gen i7. Thank you

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  1. Look great, would love a comparison with the Dell Inspiron 13 700 Black edition 2 in 1. It's very similar but a huge difference in price with the one you got, at least in Europe

  2. What specs are in that machine?
    Great video loved it. Checked it out cause I'm looking for a laptop to use for creative work and propablz for school stuff what would also interest me is the upgradeability.

  3. Hi watching from Ghana, nice review. Why did you choose the black over the more popular white. How is it for fingerprints and is it a paint/rubberized finish which may wear off in the tropics. Also what RAM is this. Thanks for your help

  4. Hey Sara I just purchased this 2-in-1 after watching several reviews including your 2-in-1 comparisons. So far I like it but I literally just got it today lol… Anyway; I'm wondering if you managed to find a tempered glass screen protector for this thing anywhere (I'm having issues finding one)?

  5. Hmmm… I like the idea, but tablet mode gives me too much anxiety at that price. I'm not accident prone. I've only ever dropped and cracked my phone once in 20 years and never dropped my 7" tablet, but when I do I want it to be a £200 tablet, not a £1200 laptop.

  6. Really would like your help/opinion. I’m looking for a new laptop geared for architecture/interior design. I’ll be using Revit, Sketchup and CAD. How do you feel would this Dell perform with such large projects or is there another laptop you would suggest instead?

  7. Really consumist interior, style and design of You, how to beware such creators? is YT provide some 'subscribe to never suggest'?
    Aahh, BTW! You didn't mention real (and any) drawbacks of using the device… 👎

  8. How can I trust a "review" that is sponsored? I've seen a couple of videos about this laptop and they are all sponsored 🤷‍♀️ ofcourse they are not going to pay a channel that is going to mention the cons of their product so how can I trust?

  9. Sarah which rhymes with hurrah
    Can you please please do a short video demonstration of the XP’s 13in with the tablet side about how does it feel when the screen is push back and is it similar as the laptop or does it go to tablet viewing
    And can you have several windows open pip pbp

    Please please please with cherries on top 🍒

    Thank you

  10. Cool . Thanks. This the one laptop you use to take your notes in pen or using your hand or stylus and than convert to text?
    While in school can I take notes with this in real time in class. And also have some audio recording feature activated on onenotes as a backup if I forget to take notes. Further does this have a camera in back of the laptop. Camera user…u have in front when u type. Meaning when listening to the lecture it would be cool if we can have not only the audio. But video record of the lecture in real time.

    Cool stuff for school.
    Please. Reply. Thanks

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