Cloning Drive From Desktop to Laptop (different brand/specification PCs) Will it Work?

Ever wondered weather you can interchange drives between different brand and different specification PCs? Well. YES you can
In this video I cloned a HP desktop hard drive on to a Acer laptop and sure enough it booted without any problem.
Take a backup of your personal files and folders before you perform any sort of procedure in this video.. Hard drive cloning is a complicated process and if cloning fails you could loose all your data.
Make sure you follow every instruction STEP BY STEP missing any instruction can cause cloning to fail

Don’t make dumb comments like “why the fuck you need 3 drives” “you don’t need a external drive to do this” If you do so I will moderate, also many people don’t own a desktop or even if they do many are not power users like us so keep that in mind thanks. Don’t like it? go watch thousands of other drive cloning tutorials on YouTube.

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  1. I want to clone my old laptop to a new laptop but since my new laptop has already a window I can’t restore the image on the laptop harddrive it only shows the external harddisk for restoring the image! Do I need to empty the laptop harddrive first if yes how plz help!

  2. Thanks for this! 😀 I've been following the process and am at the stage where I have to boot my new PC from the boot recovery USB, and then get the image from my external drive onto my new PC's internal drive. Only problem is that my new PC can't detect my external drive (or the image file on it), but my older PC can detect it just fine. Any ideas why my new one can't detect it? Been trying to figure it out all day but it doesn't seem to work.

  3. Hi,
    I have rare business program on older XP laptop and i want transfer it and use it on newer different hardware laptop with windows 7 OS installed. I lost installation setup CD of that business program, so how can i transfer and use that program from older to new laptop?

  4. I tried your way and it worked. OS and all my apps, files, photos were transferred to my new computer. I used Macium Reflect to clone all my data. It is great software and it is free. Thank you so much for your advice and save me a lot of headaches. Only Microsoft office once it was on my new computer, I was asked to activate it.

  5. Hi Charlie. I'm gonna upgrade the hard disk of my laptop to ssd and I own a desktop computer. I wonder if it's possible to put the hard disk of the laptop and the new ssd onto the desktop computer so that I don't need the usb cable for connecting the ssd and the computer.

  6. How if we only want to replicate the software which being installed from the pc to the leptop? Is it possible using this software or it works only to replicate the whole things from previous pc if we use this software. Thanks in advance for your answere

  7. I wanted to die when I saw those specs… Those specs are so good.
    my specs are: Intel Celeron N2480
    2.58GHZ (His were 3.40Ghz on laptop) and 4 GB of RAM (16 GB on his laptop)

    I want to cry

  8. I have a windows 7 machine that i need to move to a device that only has drivers for windows 10. How should i go about this install? Should i Backup, then upgrade to windows 10 first, make a backup of the windows 10 image, drop it on the new hard drive and load it into the new computer?

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