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ASUS ZenBook Flip 14” 2-in-1 Laptop Review

The ASUS ZenBook Flip is a 14 inch thin and light 2-in-1 laptop, so you can use it as both a traditional laptop or flip the screen over and use it like a tablet. This review will show you the features of the laptop to help you decide if it’s worth it.

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  1. Thank you, Jarrod! You are super! This looks like a good choice for 2-in-1 laptop with some light gaming. Have you have a chance to test out Asus ZenBook Flip 13 UX363EA with intel iris Xe graphics? Is it good enough for some light gaming for some popular games like Dota, PUPG, Call of Duty? Cheers!

  2. Hi, I'm working a lots with premier pro, SPSS and many other software. Is this laptop suitable for me? Because I'm considering to buy a new laptop that is used mostly to do video editing

  3. How is 6 hours of battery good? I think even 8 hours would be too short for a device with an integrated graphics card. And this is just watching YouTube? How long would it last with more demanding tasks? 4 hours? 2 hours? Btw is it just me or does the screen look more like a TN screen than an IPS screen, cause you can clearly see that the screen looks dimmer from a different angle which I think should never happen on an IPS screen

  4. I am thinking about getting a laptop with these specs what FPS do you think I can play these games with Rainbow Six Seige, Apex , Mordhau Thank You! 16GB DDR3 RAM, Intel UHD 620’ 512GB SSD, Intel i7 8th gen.

  5. This review is really helpful and informative!! 😊 However, I am still on the fence about which laptop is better, the Acer spin 5 (SP513-53n) or Asus Vivobook flip 14 (TP412)?

  6. Awesome review Jarrod!! I do have a question. Here in the US, specifically in BestBuy, I saw they are selling a similar laptop ASUS Model: Q427FL-BI7T5. It comes with a 16GB Memory, Intel Core i7, and 512GB Solid State Drive for a bit less price than the ZenBook. Have you seen it? Do you have any comments about it? I cant find any video reviews for that laptop. By the way your channel is awesome man! Just subscribed 🙂

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