Apple M1 MacBook Air Honest Review – We Were Wrong

After Two Weeks with the 2020 M1 powered MacBook Air, here’s Everything we’ve Discovered and our Final Verdict!
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  1. Were you surprised by the sustained performance under load? Let us know below!
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  2. Was able to snag a mint condition open box at BestBuy for the M1 MacBook Pro with 512GB 8GB Memory for $1200 so look there if you are wanting to find the bottom price. I know this is in regards to the Air but I cancelled my Air order from Black Friday and found this to pick up the next day.

  3. What if some of us like the heat and noise coming from our old Intel computers? I use mine to keep my room warm in winter and is also a great white noise machine. 2 in 1. You can't beat that.

  4. Finally, a reviewer mentions how the chassis on the MacBook pro digs into your forearms and/or wrists. Those sharp edges look greater but are such a nuisance when typing. The wedge design is definitely a lot of ergonomic and comfortable to use.

  5. I am having a hard time choosing between MBA M1 and MB PRO Intel 2020, since they almost have the same price and I can’t afford the MBPRO M1. I will be using it for online classes, 8 hours of zoom per day, then video editing, MS word, etc. I am currently using my old MBA 2010 and it really gets hot or slow after using it for only a few hours. I just want to know guys your opinion on which laptop will be better for my needs. Thank you.

  6. Forget about the subject of this review for a moment. I am borderline autistic so watch a LOT of reviews of all sorts of things. You’ve said this is the ‘perfect’ laptop, and I’m right back at you with ‘this is the perfect review.’ Seriously man, you nailed this and I’m now going to subscribe to your channel and notifications. This is the MacBook air M1 of reviews. Respect!

  7. Awesome Apple ad. they should pay you for it 😀
    If people aren't sold after this I don't know what will !
    I'd recommend this to anyone that wants a 13" laptop.
    I have a M1 Mac mini and it's great for everything I tried it so far.

  8. If you are going to purchase this laptop expect to have some minor connectivity issues (Wifi and Bluetooth). Not many reviews talk about it so I felt like I need to leave the comment here. Otherwise it is an amazing machine and I hope that Apple will fix it with new update.

  9. I'm wondering if the Air thermal throttles a bit more if you're doing a load test (like the Lightroom exports you showed) while it's charging. My 2010 MBP always gets crazy hot just from charging, even if it's basically running on idle at the time. I'm fully expecting it to not be that big of a deal, but that would be interesting to see.

  10. I have the Air for a few weeks. I'll still change it for a Pro… I wouldn't have, but it crashed several times during its sleep and I wasn't sure before, so I ordered the Pro.

  11. Now, tell us what you REALLY think…
    The MacBook Air has finally really come into its own.
    Three times as fast, twice the battery life and NO FAN?! I think I'm in love…

  12. The only problem i've had so far, is that firefox doesn't work correctly. As soon as you add some addons, websites won't load anymore. Every other app i use works fine with Rosetta.
    But a native version should be released in a week, so that problem will be gone soon enough. 🙂 (or i could use the beta)

  13. I bought it, too and I'm absolutely impressed! Way better than the Intel Mac before. Battery life lasts for about 1-2 weeks with my personal usage. I have mine for about two weeks now and I'm totally satisfied!

  14. Bought the MacBook Air yesterday. I came from a MBP 2012. The difference is STUNNING. It's absolutely crazy how good these things are in pretty much every single way I can imagine. Thanks for all the reviews Max and Vadim

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