Android tablets Stink: Here’s why

Samsung announced some amazing Android tablets, but that’s not saying much. The whole world of Android tablets is maddening, in the opinion of one Iyaz Akhtar.

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  1. just because some android tablet is bad does NOT mean every tablet with android suck, Samsung tab is great, you just don't understand it, We need android fan in this channel to rate android phone and tab

  2. Just watched it on my tab S7+ and the colours look awesome, the sound is crystal clear , the device runs smooth…all this after selling my iPad pro 10.5, 2017 model and migrating to this. Now I have a free desktop screen that isn't cluttered with all square app icons, just plug any external memory otg, watch hdr content on Netflix and youtube, use lightroom, extend memory if needed….I better stop here! Some apps are better designed for iOS, that's the fact but if you know what you really want, and if flexibility is one among them, android is the only way.

  3. I'm not using my laptop just to take notes in a meeting, in travels i prefer carring a tablet for watching movies or tv shows, What about kids? Givin them a laptop just to see some youtube videos? I use my tablet to read news, ebooks and comics and using a tablet for playing PS4 with the second screen feature is awesome too, reading emails at morning when I drink my coffee… tablets are useful, no matter if they're android or iPads.

  4. All Android tablets stink, to some extent. The expensive ones are too expensive and they go in ultrabook territory price anyway. And the cheap ones are laggy and good only for children. I mean SD439, Mediatek P22T, SD662, for 200-250EUR. With 200-250EUR I can easily get a phone with SD7xx (and with high refresh rate and fast charging, which is unknown territory for a budget tablet nowadays).
    So what, they put an S pen in the S6 lite (like somebody will care; buy a 150EUR tablet and an universal pen, if you want a pen so much). But, they put the same chip from last century, Exynos 9611. And they want 400EUR for it (wifi version in Europe). Lol. With that money I can buy a SD865 phone with 120HZ refresh rate.
    Not to mention all Android apps are done for phones initially and then just rescaled for tablets (which not all times works as it should).
    So yeah.. all Android tablets stink, when you compare them with how advanced the phones are in the same price category.

  5. "Suck" as they may, I refuse to buy an apple device only to never own it because Apple never let you even repair it via DIY/3rd party.

    That and the exacerbating amount of times they want you to pay money for everything, even ringtones… poor customization, and abysmal value for what you pay.

    Apple is more of a lifestyle brand than anything. No thanks.

  6. Can I add that the reason why android tablets suck is because they got caught in a viscous cycle? Google kept not giving them more features than phones, so less people were buying them, so less developers were developing, so less reason to have high end tablets, so even less people buying decent tablets….etc. Like now I have a tab s that I bought 6 years ago for 350€ and for that Money I would buy now a very similar tablet but with worse screen. Even the tab S7 costs 200€ more than it should, it shipped with an old processor, and with very little ram to begin with… And has no high end smaller sibling… Why would I buy it in the first place?

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