2 in 1 Laptop

2-in-1 Laptops: Why you should buy one!

From Microsoft’s Surface devices to the Lenovo Yoga series, 2-in-1 laptops aren’t weird things to own anymore. However, there still is a large group of people who absolutely refuse the touchscreen experience on their personal computers. Here are some obvious and unforeseen advantages of owning a 2-in-1 laptop over a standard clamshell one.

Special thanks to Tiffany T. for helping me make this video!

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  1. are they durable tho? ive been wanting to buy the yoga flex 14 for art and online studying but one of my friends owns a 2 in 1 and they say that the hinge gets damaged over longtime use.

  2. Big like for you and your video. Finally found someone showing a 2-in-1 being used in tablet mode other than with a stylus. Every commercial review I have come across just list the specs and briefly shows a stylus note and that's it, they keep mumbling about other crap ignoring this aspect. Spending 3 seconds on a feature which is half the devices' purpose it's too low. Good thing you focused on that, so big like to your video.

  3. I thought I wanted one, and narrowed it down… but then I figured out that the way I use a laptop, isn't very conducive to folding the keyboard away, since I'm constantly using the keyboard. Even for Netflix or youtube, I constantly have my fingers on the space and arrow keys, to pause and jump back a bit. I do that a LOT lol. Also while on the couch or something I thought it might be nice to have the screen closer, but I think it might be a bit too close… and I use the keyboard too much anyway.

    I was thinking I could more easily use it as a monitor if the keyboard is folded out of the way and just a screen is there (for when I plug in a separate keyboard and mouse), but I don' think I'd really do that… I'd just use the laptop as is. Might want a ThinkPad for the keyboard though, to make up for it a bit. Edit: In that regard, I got a Lenovo IdeaPad 730S (Yoga S730). Pretty close.

    I also thought that using fingers would be faster and more natural and easy, like a phone. But a phone is relatively tiny. A laptop screen is big, a lot of arm movement to do stuff… I don't really like that. And, I'm not in any particular hurry to do such things. Touchpads work quite fast and well. Microsoft precision touchpads seem to be the go.

    The other thing is me saving on money, because laptops are damn expensive here in Australia, and the more buying options the better (since it's hard to find a good 2 in 1 that suits my desires).

    Also I'm just so used to constantly using keys when doing other stuff too (other than youtube, etc.)
    Like "right clicking" things all the time. Or using the ctrl/command key to open something in a new tab (I really like my tabs).
    So I'm pretty glued to the keyboard it seems.
    I wouldn't mind a hinge that bends back enough to make the laptop lay flat, but either way.

    Edit: Been using my Lenovo IdeaPad 730S (Yoga S730) for a month or more now, and I'm absolutely loving it. I came from a big heavy MacBook laptop weighing 2.56kg. This thing is 1.2kg. Making sure I got a laptop as light as I could (within reason), was a super good move. Having a really light laptop is just fantastic. Great keyboard too. It's between a Thinkpad and other laptops. Very happy.

  4. Ok. I get it. 2 in ones are great. I recently bought one, but I’m looking everywhere for a sleeve you can slide the 2 in 1 inside of that converts your laptop to a tablet without having to push in buttons on the back side. The device would be flipped all the way and a sleeve would slide over it so the keyboard would be covered. In order to go back to laptop mode you would need to remove the sleeve and fold it open to use as a laptop. Do you have any idea where to get something like that? Amazon doesn’t have anything.

  5. hey, great video on 2 in 1 laptops. I was wondering based on your everyday use, if you had a case (cover) that you use for your 2 in 1 laptop which allows you to still use the laptop in tablet mode. The reason why i ask is because i have a 2 in 1 laptop myself and I'm beginning to use it much more. But I have a hard time trying to find a suitable case for it, that allows me to use the laptop in all of its different modes. FYI i have the HP pavilion 2 in 1 laptop 14in model. Thanks in advance.

  6. I have to agree, I have both a Surface Pro 2017 and a HP ProBook 6360b, both are great devices but there are some definite advantages to the Surface. Even when I'm using my old HP I still sometimes reach for the screen to touch something before stopping myself as I have become used to the quicker response from a direct touch rather than moving a cursor and clicking. Even a touchscreen laptop would be a noticeable improvement, and a few years ago I actually thought the idea was stupid!

  7. please never use that music in a video again… that beeping sound is so frustrating I thought my ears were wierd and had to check in my room for something that made a squeaky noise

  8. Great video.. really wasnt sure about a 2 in 1 but i can see the advantages. eg. watching guitar instructional videos while playing at the same time. Too easy.. cheers bro

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